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Nature Mood

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Tile Description

With the Nature Mood collection, the natural environment “invades” man-made spaces, enters our homes and becomes part of the way we sense and experience our surroundings, influencing our mood in a positive way. Floors, wall coverings and furniture become an emotional backdrop interwoven in a harmonious dialogue of nuances and veining.

In line with the latest trends in housing evolution, in this collection, Nature becomes an active component of design, mixing a palette of surfaces with warm hues that take their inspiration from the world of marbles and the material of wood, with clean, minimalist veining and array of colours.

The marble surfaces in the collection bring a new perspective to some of the most enchanting landscapes and natural binomials to be found on earth.

The verdant backdrop of Rainforest is redolent of the vegetation of tropical woods, with thin brown veins that evoke the bark of a tree.
Glacier conjures up the whiteness of glaciers with delicate crests of light and dark gray.
Mountain Peak is inspired by the varied appearance and warm colors of mountain ranges in the summertime.
Tundra recalls the alternation of earth, shrubbery and snowfall that characterizes the homonymous Arctic polar environmental system.
Riverbed is reminiscent of a gravelly river bottom with its multiplicity of stones smoothed by the flowing water.

The range of backgrounds is enriched by five fine porcelain stoneware decors that combine the colors of different plank wood-inspired surfaces.
Hexagon offers a combination of 3 six-sided polygons, each of which in turn is divided into two different shades of wood.

French Herringbone immediately recalls the classic laying pattern for parquet flooring, in this case reformulated as an embellishment that alternates small slats in
two colorings.

Chevron recalls the homonymous pattern of timeless charm.

Come and experience the serenity of Nature Mood.

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